- a dance opera

Highlight: OrphEus – a dance opera

"Michael Parmenter's OrphEus – a dance opera was a masterpiece. The multi-layered dance, music and dramatic epic, merged classical and contemporary worlds in a challenging and inspiring journey of courage, temptation, forgetfulness – and eventually – harmony."

Francesca Horsley, DANZ Magazine

Auckland Arts Festival

The Civic
Friday, 9 March 2018 at 7pm
Saturday, 10 March 2018 at 7pm
Sunday, 11 March 2018 at 5pm

Pre-show Artist Talk on Saturday, 10 March at 5:30pm

New Zealand Festival

Opera House Wellington
Friday, 16 March 2018 at 8pm
Saturday, 17 March 2018 at 8pm

Pre-show Artist Talk on Saturday, 17 March at 6:30pm

Webisode 1: VISION

Webisode 2: DESIGN

Webisode 3: Movement

“a rich fusion of dance and song, narrative and design, music and deep emotion.” Raewyn Whyte, NZ Herald

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“The proximity and mobility of the musicians has been thoughtfully arranged, adding original symbolic depth to their presence onstage.” Brigette Knight, Theatre Scenes

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“Choreographically there is all the elegance and fluidity we have to expect from him. But there is also an added choreographic maturity, refinement and articulation that is impressive.” Ann Hunt, Stuff

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"it was an outstanding production with every element supporting and adding to Orpheus’ journey, old and new." Francesca Horsley, DANZ

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“You can tell when a show is masterful. When it has grabbed the audience and excited them en masse. Michael Parmenter’s OrphEus is one such show. Quite simply, it’s unmissable.” Liz Gunn, 13th Floor

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Creative Team

Concept & Artistic Director of ‘OrphEus’
Michael Parmenter

Keren Chiaroni

Set Designer
John Verryt

Costume Designer
Tracy Grant Lord

Lighting Designer
Nik Janiurek

AV and Sound Designer
David Downes

Music Consultant
Marc Taddei

Rehearsal Director
Claire O’Neil

Wellington Chorus Rehearsal Director
Lyne Pringle

Carl Tolentino
Chrissy Kokiri
Katie Rudd
Sean MacDonald
Lucy Marinkovich
Eddie Elliott
Bree Timms
Toa Paranihi
Oliver Caruthers

Aaron Sheehan
Nicholas Tolputt
Jayne Tankersley
William King
Sid Chand

Musicians - Latitude 37
Mary Grace (Polly) Sussex
Miranda Hutton
Sally Tibbles
Jonathan Le Cocq

Christina Guieb
Raisedinland Iose

Hamish Phillips
Laifa Ta'ala
Brandon Ross
Jacob Reynolds

Production Manager
Jo Kilgour

Stage Manager
Fern Christie-Birchall

Assistant Stage Manager
Ashley Mardon

Technical Operator
Abby Clearwater

Roydon Christensen

Wardrobe Supervisor
Chantelle Gerrard

Ligting Intern
Elizabeth Stronhmeier

Auckland Movement Chorus
Abbagail Rogers
Allan Hsu
Amber Jackson
Billy McColl
Brandon Ross
Briar Wilson
Christina Guieb
Doris Jung
Elan Austin-Tennant
Emma Deakin
Gabrielle Wilson
Geordan Wilcox
Jacob Reynolds
Jan Wuis
Jia Zeng
Joanna Sylvester
Josh Eliu
Kan Wang
Katie Shaw
Kirsty MacDonald
Libby Valentine
Lin Guo
Raisedinland Iose
Robyn Gandell
Severine Chelot
Vito Prasasta
Yandie Li
Zean Chen

Wellington Movement Chorus
Albert Carneiro
Anna Sheffield
Anna Groves
Hamish Phillip
Jacqui Bisley
Jaimee Ramage
Janet Gootjes
Joshua Baines
Kate Martin
Katrina Kellie
Kim Broad
Kit Marsh
Laifa Ta'ala
Lucas Cornejo
Megan Evans
Moira-Clare Donovan
Nick Hendricks
Nicola Davies
Salem Foxx