What They Said

Premiering in October at Tempo Dance Festival 2022 as part of the Tempo: Te Rerenga o Tere programme, What They Said unites The New Zealand Dance Company (NZDC) with celebrated Australian choreographer Jo Lloyd for her first work made on a New Zealand company.

In this cross Tasman collaboration, Lloyd and her longtime collaborators Duane Morrison (Music) and Andrew Treloar(Costumes) take the leap into creating her first “play without words”, for dance.

Years of gathered phrases, statements and insults, will culminate in an embodied live work that explores our tendency to be preoccupied with drama and our fascination with the inevitable.

As the dancers navigate, persist and exert themselves in an attempt to understand each other, nonpatterns become familiar patterns and a logic is revealed. Potential narratives slip and perceptions morph as the dancers trade words for saturated physical states.

When the words erode and go missing, what do the bodies become? A new moving landscape is formed without extraneous junk. Nature with its own drama, more than a collection of words and pictures, a glorious dance.

What They Said will be simultaneously relentless and mesmerising – a feast for the senses.

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"Electrifying...Jo’s choreography is a gift to watch"

Planet Arts


Rangatira, Q Theatre
305 Queen Street, Auckland
Friday 7 October at 7:30pm
Saturday 8 October at 7:30pm


"Explosive physicality"

The Melbourne Age


Jo Lloyd

Duane Morrison

Andrew Treloar