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Arms Wide Open

We are on a mission to commission, create and present compelling, relevant work with strong production values that move and inspires our dedicated and growing audience – creating a community that strengthens dance in this country.

We are a high calibre community of artists and supporters dedicated to producing and presenting inspiring new dance for New Zealand and the world.

And we want you to join us.

Your support as an individual or organisation is vital to the sustainability of the Company and our ability to produce beautifully realised work to the high standard of collaborative excellence to which we aspire to present to Auckland, New Zealand and the world.

Funds received will enable us to:

  • Commission new dance works and collaborate with interdisciplinary artists;
  • Extend the Youth and Community Engagement Programme and mentor young dancers and choreographers;
  • Provide ‘access’ tickets to encourage the widest audience participation;
  • Tour the company nationally and internationally

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Bruce Sheridan & Jillian Vereker-Bindon
Katrina Todd
Jane Vesty, Greg Fahey & Brian Sweeney of Sweeney Vesty


John and Jo Gow
David and Jude Irving
Audrey Moss
The Workshop Gym

$50 – $500

Kirsten Blanchard
Pamela Booth
Erin Bowerman
Wendy Caldwell
Fiona Campbell
James Ellett
April Glenday
Merenia Gray
Rachel Grimwood
Ella Groundahl
Alys Hughes
Cushla Jervis
Sally-Anne Kerr
Rebecca Mace
Gabriela Mazorra de Cos
Erin Meek
Estelle Mendelsohn
Caroline Murdoch
Gordon Murie
Michele Napier
New Zealand School of Dance
Margaret Perkins
Linley Rivers
Kathryn Rountree
Marg Slater
Kerry-Ann Stanton
Lydia Smith
Brain Sweeney
Te Aroha College
Tiffany Tong
Sharon van Gulik
Han van der Voorn
Sam Vincent
Mari Yamazaki

$1– $49

Helen Adaene
Minna Ahlers
Laura Ainscough
Gina Andrews
Helen Ashton
Emma Barling
Kitty Burton
Maria Camero
Zeinab Chegini
Brydie Colquhoun
Tessa Cordner
Diane Davenport
Ashley David
Trudy Dobbie
Deborah Fletcher
Inga Frengley
Justine Fryer
Calum Gray
Thomas Harris
Adrienne Hogan
Bianca Hyslop
Koharu Iino
Rebecca Johnson
Mari Jones
Ilka Kapica
Kiri-Rose Kendall
Patricia Kirchoff
Brittany Kohler
Natasha Kohler
Dani Kramers
Margaret Langdon
Christabel Lin
Ben Lucas
Kim Lynch
Sean MacDonald
Catherine Manning
Sasha Matsumoto
Claudia McLellan
Craig McMillan
Viktoria Metz
Emma Millar
Kaiko Murakami
Rodd Murray
Adam Naughton
Hannah Ness
Larissa Pfister
Christine Plank
Lulu Qiu
Katie Shaw
Phillippa Sherry
Olivia Sulzberger
Adriane Swinburn
Casey Tearle
Te Aroha College
Nicola van der Meijden
Briar Wilson
Geraldine Wishart
Natalie Yeh

Corporate support of The New Zealand Dance Company is an investment in our youth and in the arts landscape in New Zealand. We have the desire to shift the story of contemporary dance in a way that speaks to a wide, international audience and the vision to create a sustainable, permanent, high calibre dance company with an Auckland home.

We welcome your call to discuss sponsorship and partnership opportunities. Please contact us via [email protected] or 09 378 7361.

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Shona McCullagh, NZDC Chief Executive & Artistic Director