Eliza Sanders

Eliza is a multidisciplinary movement artist born on Ngunnawal land in Australia, now based in Pōneke, Aotearoa. With a primary focus on the creation of dance theatre works with an integrated use of improvisation and voice work, her practice includes performing, choreographing, teaching, improvising, writing and producing from durational performance art to meditative poetry podcasts.

Along with her sibling Charley, Eliza is the the Co-Artistic Director of House of Sand, a contemporary performance company that has created and presented 15 works in collaboration with over 100 artists around Australia, NZ and Canada since 2015.

At the core of her practice is liveness, collaboration and care and her work happens at the meeting point of performer and audience, often exploring the agency
of each party in subtle ways. Eliza’s aim is to encourage us to question how we allow ourselves to be (in our bodies) in performative spaces and gently inviting freedom of interpretation.

Eliza is interested in nurturing her body and enabling others to do the same. Much of her work is in harnessing the virtuosic power of the dancing body in ways that are painless, consensual and respectful while still challenging socially constructed norms of how the body can or should be used in different contexts.

Passionate about integrating ongoing education and growth into all of her practices, Eliza is a certified teacher of Countertechnique, Vinyasa Yoga and is continuously nuancing her sensitives to leading creative spaces in safe and respectful yet creatively challenging ways.

As a choreographer Eliza has worked with NZSD, Footnote Dance NZ, QL2 Dance and for House of Sand including commissions from Art Not Apart Festival, WITCWAT Festival and Sydney Fringe Festival. As a dancer She has worked for Borderline Arts Ensemble, Battleground productions, Sound and Fury Ensemble, Little Dove Theatre Art, Java Dance Theatre, The Australian Dance Party Liz Lea dance and Ql2 Dance.