NCEA Resource


The New Zealand Dance Company has created a third NCEA Education Resource-based upon Brouhaha from NZDC’s production Lumina.

Brouhaha was created by NZ choreographer Malia Johnston and her long-standing creative partners, composer Eden Mulholland and AV Designer Rowan Pierce.

This resource is a guided exploration of Brouhaha as a choreographic model for senior secondary school dance students.

The resource includes step-by-step processes for making movements for a group, two dancers or individual dancers.

The tasks throughout the resource could be used as one-off activities, or as steps towards choreographing a dance or sequence for the following NCEA Level 1 and 2 achievement standards:

  • 90858 (1.1) Compose dance sequences for given briefs
  • 91205 (2.1) Choreograph a group dance to communicate an intention
  • 91206 (2.2) Choreograph a solo dance to communicate an intention

The tasks in this resource may also be used to create movement and choreographic intentions for choreography for NCEA Level 3 Dance.

Many of the tasks may also contribute to providing evidence towards:

  • 90860 (1.4) Demonstrate an understanding of the elements of dance
  • 91210 (2.6) Demonstrate an understanding of a range of choreographic processes

The Brouhaha resource is available as a set which contains: a 166-page Teachers workbook which includes 15 student worksheets, a DVD including footage of theatre performance, studio showing and each section of Brouhaha for easy reference.

The price for the Brouhaha resource is $175 (+GST) and Postage & Packaging.

Please contact [email protected] for more information.