Xin Ji
Performer & Choreographer

From the tender age of eight, Xin knew he wanted to be a dancer. Fortunately, Xin was able to take dance lessons at school on Saturday mornings. At the age of 11 he auditioned for the Beijing Dance Academy and spent the next five years training in Chinese Classical Ballet.

Following graduation, Xin was offered a position in Japan with Shiki Theatre Company performing in well- known, including the role as Mr. Mistoffelees in Cats.

After five years of touring, Xin wanted todevelop his skills in Contemporary Dance and chose to study at UNITEC in Auckland. During this time Xin was invited to perform at The World of Wearable Art in Wellington. He was chosen to represent UNITEC in China, performing a work created by Michael Parmenter for the 60th anniversary of the Beijing Dance Academy.

After Xin graduated from UNITEC he worked with leading contemporary dance companies including Footnote, Okareka, Muscle Mouth, Movement of The Human and Borderline Arts Ensemble. Working with these leading dance companies enabled him to take part in the Wellington and Auckland Fringe Festivals, the Performance Arcade Festival, the Nelson Arts Festival, the Wellington Arts Festival and the Auckland Art Festival. Since 2015 Xin has worked with The New Zealand Dance Company with tours to Germany, Holland, France, United Kingdom,Belgium, Luxembourg and Canada.

In addition to his passion for dance, Xin also uses the camera lens to express his creative voice. In 2016 Xin’s first dance film Chao was shown at the Tipperary Dance Platform in Ireland; the following year, Xin’s second dance filmLooked In was presented at the Moving Images International Video Dance Festival in Cyprus. In 2020, Xin’s first commissioned dance film All Good If Not was shown at The Young Artists Platform in China.