Kim Jae Duk

KIM Jae Duk is known as a choreographer who appreciates movement-oriented expressions and setting aside the narrative structure. Currently, he serves as a resident choreographer at T.H.E Dance Company in Singapore as well as the artistic director of Modern Table Dance Company. Calling himself as an 'expresser' rather than a choreographer, he produces synesthetic performances that focus on the harmony between dance and music that he composes and directs. In 2017, he was selected as Choreographer of the Year by the Dancers' Career Development Center and continues to actively pursue his career basing his distinctive works on his Korean style, the style that first appealed to the overseas market where he has been invited to perform at prestigious venues. He participated as a supervisor representing Korea at Camping éte held by the Centre National de la Danse (CND) in Paris, France. He has also been invited to choreograph and compose music by the following dance companies : Balé da Cidade de São Paulo (NAK-TA), Bale Teatro Castro Alves in Salvador, Brazil (RUB-DUB), Curitiba Municipal Ballet, Brazil (Super Natural), companhia de danças de diadema, Brazil (Força Fluida), Compania Nacional de Danza Contemporanea (Tension Espatial) D.F.W (Dance of world) in Basel, Switzertand (HA-KI), T.H.E Dance Company in Singapore (10 pieces including Mr. Sign), The New Zealand Dance Company (SIGAN), and the Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Company (Jang-dan).