Jozsef Trefeli

What are we fighting for?

József Trefeli is a Swiss citizen born in Australia of Hungarian origins. József graduated from the University of Melbourne VCA with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance. József worked for three years in Australia before moving to Geneva in 1996. On 6 continents, in more than 40 countries, József has achieved critical acclaim for his many and varied dance performances and numerous choreographic works.

The diverse range of styles in which József choreographs include contemporary dance, cabaret, theatre, musical comedy, and opera. József has proven his ability to create solo work as easily as directing and choreographing casts of up to 50. Of his numerous choreographic works Creature was awarded the Swiss Dance Award for Current Dance Works in 2017. Ipseity created for the Provincial Dances Theatre of Yekaterinburg received five nominations in four categories of the Russian National Theatre “Golden Mask” Awards 2021 including two nominations for best male dancer, best light design, best contemporary dance production, and best choreographer.

The József Trefeli Company was founded in 2005 for a commission to choreograph for the Association for Contemporary Dance (ADC) in Geneva. His creations have toured in Africa, Asia, North, South and Central America, Australia, Europe and Russia and can be found listed on this website on the page “The Company”.

At the same time as these creations for his own company, József Trefeli creates choreographic work for other companies including a creation of a dance documentary film What Are We Fighting For? in collaboration with The New Zealand Dance Company supported by STEPS Festival 2022. Also in 2022 József choreographs Une femme seule for Latifa Djerbi cie faiseurs de Rêves. József collaborates with cie Uranus, directed by Valentine Sergo on the theatre works Chaos in 2021, Au Bout Du Monde 2016, La Divergence des Trajectoires 2013, and Tous les chemins mènent à Meyrin 2012. József works as choreographer on the video clip for the band Ritual Boogie in 2021. Ipseity created in 2019 for Provincial Dances Theatre Yekaterinburg Russia. Perdre Son Sac, a theatre piece created in 2019 for La Comédie de Genève directed by Denis Maillefer, József worked in the capacity of tap dance coach and choreographer.

József created three choreographies for the 25 dancers of Geneva’s Ballet Junior entitled Safety In Numbers in 2006, Beach Ball & Body in 2009, and Gender Bounce in 2014. In August 2013 József created a solo tap choreography in the award winning show La Clique, for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In January 2013 József collaborated with Fatna Djahra and the Theatre L’Articule to create a marionette and dance performance Jeux sur l'échelle du monde. In December 2011 József choreographed The Grand Duchess of Gérolstein Opera by Jacques Offenbach, directed by Omar Porras, for the Opéra de Lausanne. In 2010, the Cap Loisirs Foundation celebrated the 30-year anniversary of its activity in Geneva with the production Stop ! I need a change !, a project lead by József Trefeli as artistic advisor. In 2013, József created a choreography for Vadrozsa Ensemble Budapest crossing traditional Hungarian dance and Contemporary dance entitled New Roads. József also choreographed OperAdôn 2010 by Robert Clerc, and five creations of the Théâtre Spirale, Louves 2009, La Ronde 2010, Remonter la pente 2011, Je suis un Saumon 2015 and Les Pistes 2017. In 2015 József choreographed Amour Pourfuite Opera/Cabaret created around the singing repertoire of the talented Eva Fiechter.As a dancer József is currently working with Cie Skree Wolf, choreographer Rudi van der Merwe in Trophée and Lovers, Dogs and Rainbows selected in the Swiss Dance Days 2021, as well as with Cie Gilles Jobin for La Comedie Virtuelle created for the Venice International FilmFestival VR selection. József Trefeli has also danced for the dance companies Alias, Da Motus, Drift, Estuaire, Greffe, Mix, Philippe Saire, Studio Action Théâtrale and Utilité Publique and has acted in two plays with the Company Korpüs Animüs.