Elekis Poblete Teirney
Lighting Designer

Elekis Poblete Teirney is a lighting designer and light artist from Isla de Maipo, Chile. She has worked with many prestigious companies and artists in Aotearoa who have sought her out for her innovation, attention to detail and strong collaborative skills. She goes above and beyond in her collaborations designing ephemeral and striking light to elevate the work, as well as exploring her own questions about light and design. Her most recent works include LOVE/LOVE/LOVE/LOVE/LOVE by Tessa Redman and touring with Shel We by Tupua Tigafua. Stage of Being is her first work with The New Zealand Dance Company.

To further her light explorations she has worked on a number of installations that invite audiences to acknowledge experiences through light. She uses her love and passion for light as well as the skills she has gained from working in the performative arts to create highly activating works. Her most recent works include A Study In Light: Postmemory, Stoppage and a new work When I Am Red.