David Long

David Long composes and performs music. In 2022 he released the album Ash and Bone through Rattle Records and is soon to release a chamber orchestra piece I’ll Hum the First Few Bars. He also scored Loren Taylor’s feature The Moon is Upside Down and Paul Oremland’s Mysterious Ways. He won best TV score for the BBC series, Mystic, with Steve Gallagher. In 2021 he scored the feature film Punch, composed score for Tupua Tigafua’s dance show, Ciggy Butts In the Sand and won best score for the TV series, The Luminaries. With Plan 9 music he created ‘cultural music’ for Amazon’s, The Rings of Power.

David was a founding member of The Mutton Birds with whom he made three albums. He also plays in the bands The Labcoats and Teeth. Since the late 1990s David has been writing music for film and television, alongside playing in bands and composing orchestral music. He has composed scores for over twenty feature films including McLaren (for which he won the APRA Silver Scroll award for Best Original Music), The Ground We Won, 25 April, 6 Days, Gardening with Soul, Beyond the Edge, and additional score for Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones. For the The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey he wrote (in collaboration with Plan 9 Music) ‘Misty Mountain’. He wrote music and created musical sound design for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy and King Kong (also with Plan 9 Music).