Claire O’Neil

Claire O’Neil is a choreographer, performing artist and movement educator with over 25 years’ experience in dance performance within New Zealand and internationally. Her career includes working with New Zealand choreographers such as Michael Parmeter, Douglas Wright, Shona McCullagh, Ross McCormack, Malia Johnston, Australian based Sue Healey and Desoxy Theatre, and Belgian choreographers Michele Noiret, Michele Anne de Mey and Hans van den Broeck, amongst others. After living in Belgium (2000-2011) and completing a Masters in Dance (University of Auckland, 2016), Claire continues to nourish her choreographic practice and performances through her inquiries into the performing body, social behaviours and human development.

Claire established Fidget collective in 2001 and has produced several performance works that have toured in Belgium, Canada, Reunion Island and New Zealand. She has choreographed for Footnote New Zealand Dance, Stalker Theatre Company, Red Leap Theatre, Unitec Performing Arts, Whitirea Performing Arts and the New Zealand School of Dance. Her teaching credits include companies such as Wim VandeKeybus/Ultima Vez, The Paris Opera, Rosas Dance Company, Meg Stuart & Damaged Goods, Norwegian Theatre Academy, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Philippe D.couffl., Ballet Preljocaj, IndepenDance and The New Zealand Dance Company.

She is featured in Sue Healey’s full-length doco-dance film Virtuosi. Along with Fidget Collective, Claire presented a new interactive dance theatre work entitled (extra)ordinary folk in April 2018 at Corban Estate Arts Centre whilst continuing her roles as mentor, teacher and performer.