Andreas Mikellis
Costume Designer

Andreas is a fashion designer and academic. He started his career in the UK, establishing an international fashion label.

His work has included freelance design work for major brands in Europe and Australasia, R&D for fabric and fibre manufacturers, creative development work for Ai/Metaverse environments, and designing/styling for musicians, magazines, TV & film.

Andreas has collaborated on experimental projects with many designers and artists – including work with British conceptual artist John Newling, projects with New Zealand photographer John McDermott and on a series of short films with film maker, Gregg Wood. He has worked as a costume designer for a number of contemporary dance companies, including a body of work for The New Zealand Dance Company.

Andreas holds a Master of Philosophy in design practice and is a senior lecturer in Fashion & Textiles at AUT University. He is currently working on a new line of hand-crafted menswear.