The Absurdity
of Humanity

Show Overview: The Absurdity of Humanity

"In a brilliantly worded introduction, [The] New Zealand Dance Company leader, Shona McCullagh, eloquently articulates the purpose of both the company and this season of inventive contemporary dance. She deserves congratulations for her curatorial choices and passionate vision."

Lyne Pringle, The Dominion Post

Webisode 1: Lina Limosani

Webisode 2: Ross McCormack

New Plymouth

Tauranga Arts Festival
TSB Showplace
Sunday, 3 September 2017 at 6pm


ASB Theatre Marlborough
Sunday, 3 September 2017 at 7:30pm


Christchurch Arts Festival
Aurora Centre
Friday, 15 September 2017 at 7:30pm


The Opera House
Wednesday, 20 September 2017 at 7:30pm


Q Theatre
Wednesday, 24 August at 7:30pm
Thursday, 25 August at 7:30pm
Friday, 26 August at 7:30pm
Saturday, 27 August at 2pm
Saturday, 27 August at 7:30pm

“Finely tuned dancers take command of the stage; with crisp and assured execution of choreography that takes our imaginations into a dark absurdist realm.” Lyne Pringle, Dominion Post

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"hese choreographers do not merely employ but showcase the superb abilities of the dancers – their strength, flexibility, expression, and sensitivity." Andrew Sheperd, Theatreview

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“This hour and a half left me breathless” Holly Shanahan, Theatreview

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“The Absurdity of Humanity is a powerful and compelling commentary on the human condition and it should not be missed.” NZ Herald

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“The world of Matter is a total triumph of collaboration, light, sounds, and ultimately… vision” Paul Young, DANZ

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"In the end, it’s a ‘bloody’ good night out at the theatre watching stuff the rest of us can’t do but expect from high-end practitioners such as these" Chris Jannides, Theatreview

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Creative Team


Carl Tolentino
Chrissy Kokiri
Katie Rudd
Xin Ji
Bree Timms
Emily Adams
Lucy Lynch
Connor Masseurs (2017)
Tupua Tigafua (2016)

Lighting Designer
Jo Kilgour

Stage Manager
Ashley Mardon (2017)
Lesley Bandy (2016)

Technical Operator

Jonny Cross

Company Photographer

John McDermott


Ross McCormack

Jason Wright

Lighting Designer
Jo Kilgour

Costume Designer
Vicki Slow

Whispers from Pandora’s Box

Lina Limosani

Jason Wright

Lighting Designer
Jo Kilgour

Costume Designer
Donna Jefferis