Work With Us

Dance Education and Office Administrator

Closes: midnight, Weds. 27 November 2019 with interviews being held w/c 2 December.

Work Type: Annual, fixed-term full-time
Reports to: Artistic Executive/Marketing and Funding Manager
Liaise with: General Manager, Producer, Chief Executive/Artistic Director & Accountant

Vision: We Move You

We inspire a love for and knowledge of the language of contemporary dance and grow an informed and passionate audience in Aotearoa and the world. We will be influential.


We are a sustainable full-time, best practice, legacy arts organisation that is a hotbed of creative collaboration presenting our earthy, funny, beautiful and brave contemporary dance, working with and in our diverse local, national and international communities and audiences. We are relevant and compelling.


Artistic excellence - we are artistically led and demonstrate excellence in all we do
Audience focused - we strive to connect with all our potential audiences, using our learning and relationships to grow attendance and participation in contemporary dance
Tiriti o Waitangi - we acknowledge the treaty principles - partnerships, participation, protection - and we strive to incorporate them in all our work.
Respect - we respect the diverse contributions that are made to the Company by many people, and we treat our artists, patrons, visitors and each other the way we would like to be treated; with honesty, dignity, fairness and openness
Collaborative - we work with others to maximise our brand, our reach, and the value of investments made in the company by funders and supporters
Professional - we demonstrate professional behaviour in all we do
Challenging - we are not afraid to challenge entrenched notions that limit our ability to promote contemporary dance as a source of pride and inspiration for our diverse communities
Resilient - we have long term plans that are ambitious, but achievable and build on past successes and learning
Sustainable - we value what we have achieved, and are stewards for the future

The New Zealand Dance Company - Who We Are

We are a team dedicated to producing and presenting inspiring contemporary dance for New Zealand and the world. We exist with the genuine desire to change the way New Zealanders see and experience contemporary dance, to stretch the boundaries of what dance can be and to share its power, beauty and humour with a broad audience.

Purposes of the Role:

The primary purposes of the role include:

  • Actively participate in the development of the Company’s Youth and Community Engagement strategy (YEP/CE); and
  • Plan, coordinate and deliver the Company’s Youth and Community Engagement programmes:
    • day-to-day management and administration of the Company’s YEP/CE Programme activities;
      • preparing funding applications and reports;
      • marketing to and recruitment of participants (especially education institutions at all levels and programme participants) and other target markets as required through creation and implementation of marketing strategy;
      • ensuring participation and other statistics are gathered in an orderly manner to support future funding and reporting requirements

to raise the profile of the Company’s YEP/CE activities, to maintain and where possible increase the interest and level of participation in the Company’s YEP/CE activities across the wider community, with particular emphasis on low decile and migrant communities, young people and seniors.

  • Undertake day to day administration tasks for the Company, including office purchases and communications, basic administration and office systems – administrative, physical and electronic filing.
  • Act as a central point of external inquiry for the Company.
  • Ensure these activities are undertaken as efficiently as possible, and where necessary adapting or changing existing processes where doing so will enhance the effectiveness of the role.

Key Accountabilities

Expected Outcomes

Dance Education

  • Contribute as a key member of the Artistic Administration team to the ongoing strategic development of the Company’s YEP/CE programmes.
  • With guidance from other Company staff, scope, schedule and deliver the annual YEP/CE programme of professional and community classes, workshops and residencies under the Company banner.
  • Collaborate with relevant Company staff and other stakeholders including schools, teachers, parents / caregivers and programme participants to create the conditions for a successful roll out of the annual programme.
  • With guidance from other Company staff, ensure the format and content of the programme is aligned with the Company’s artistic and development programmes for the year and effective marketing and other collateral is available in a timely manner to promote the programme.
  • With guidance from other Company staff, prepare and produce funding applications to Trusts and Foundations to assist the funding of YEP/CE activities as well as complete reporting requirements for that funding.
  • Under supervision from other Company staff produce digital content creation and copywriting for:
    • social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube)
  • Electronic Direct Mail (EDMs)
  • Website
  • Posters/flyers
  • Calendar Listings
  • Undertake outreach for marketing Youth and Community Engagement programmes
  • With guidance from other Company staff, prepare and produce reports that assess and measure the success of the YEP/CE programme.
  • The right data is gathered and analysed to allow the Company to make decisions that develop the YEP/CE programme to achieve maximum impact and continuous development.
  • Data is collected to support comprehensive reporting to CNZ and other funders, and other relevant programme reporting and future programme funding applications.
  • From time to time, and where necessary, provide teaching services for the Company.

  • The YEP/CE programme is widely regarded as the leader within Aotearoa’s youth and community contemporary dance education sector and its programme offerings are sought after because of their quality, relevance and accessibility.
  • A comprehensive YEP/CE programme for the following year is finalised in a timely manner so participation levels are maximised.
  • All staff, stakeholders and participants fully understand the expected programme budgets, timing, activities and outcomes.
  • All staff, contractors and / or volunteers have all the necessary contracts, schedules and other information necessary for them to successfully deliver their aspects of the programme.
  • Funding needs for YEP/CE Programme activities are understood well in advance and a programme of funding applications and reports is successfully delivered.
  • Responsibility for marketing YEP/CE events is understood and best effort is made to recruit participants
  • Comprehensive and accurate data is available for analysis across the full YEP/CE programme.


  • Acting as the “first receiver” for all banking, stationery, mail and postage, and invoicing on a day-to-day basis, including receiving and receipting cash, EFT and credit card payments, and petty cash control within the systems approved by the General Manager and / or Bookkeeper.
  • Liaising with suppliers of office equipment and services to ensure there are no unplanned stoppages or delays in the production of a range activities including but not limited to printing, publicity and marketing materials.
  • Internal and external communications within the responsibility of the role are undertaken in a consistent and professional manner.
  • A range of activities and showings are efficiently scheduled and organised, including where necessary issuing meeting invitations, papers / notices, arranging room bookings and catering, and other requirements.
  • Filing of all documentation, both physical and electronic, is undertaken in a manner that is consistent with the requirement of the Company.
  • Undertake accurate data entry where required that records and tracks Company activity and is used for reporting and audit purposes.
  • Manage the “hello” email account and ensure timely and accurate responses are produced.
  • Assist the GM administer the Company organisational subscriptions including Office 365, Dropbox, Adobe, Zoom and Uber.
  • Assist the CE/AD from time to time with administration and filing.
  • Basic administrative systems are maintained, all monies are properly reconciled and any required reporting is completed in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Office supplies and other needs are maintained at levels that ensures what is required by the Company and its staff is reasonably available on a day-to-day basis and project planning and roll out is efficient and effective.
  • Our internal and external communications contribute to our reputation for professionalism, efficiency and friendliness.
  • Electronic and physical filing systems are maintained, and where possible improved, to ensure that all documentation is able to be located and retrieved whenever it is required.

Competency Specification




  • Undergraduate degree in a performance related discipline.
  • Dance or dance education and / or business administration qualifications.



  • Previous experience in an office administration role.
  • High level of proficiency with computerised office tools including the MS Office suite, database and other software.
  • Demonstrated ability to produce accurate, disciplined, timely and well-presented work in a sometimes pressured environment.
  • Meeting and event organising experience.
  • Proven people skills and the ability to interact with people from varying business levels and cultures.
  • Strong verbal and written communication
  • Excellent writing and editing abilities
  • Exposure to and knowledge of the funded arts sector.
  • Interests in digital and website design
  • Basic design skills in InDesign and Photoshop
  • Dance teaching experience



Interpersonal communication skills

Relationship building skills

Personal Qualities

Motivated (‘can do’ attitude)


Collaborative and team focussed

Fairness, personal integrity

Ability to treat people justly while also being able to say ‘no’ when required

Mission Focussed

Ability to relate to and promote the values of organisation.

How to Apply

Please send your CV and cover letter to [email protected] by midnight, Weds. 27 November 2019. Interviews will be held w/c 2 December. Please note that your covering letter will form part of the shortlisting process.