Wendy Chen

Wendy is an all-rounder with high personal integrity and proven ability to lead and to create strategy.

She has demonstrated her talents as a quick learner and efficient operator in the specialist field of commercial legal advice; and Wendy has recently progressed her career into general commercial management. Her current role encompasses business development, product management and digital marketing.

Wendy was born in Taiwan and grew up on the North Shore in Auckland from 1989. Her open-minded upbringing afforded Wendy the opportunity to learn from the best of different cultures. This has ingrained in her an instinctive ability to identify and appreciate diverse viewpoints and approaches to issues.

Wendy's long-term professional goal is to become a trusted and respected boardroom member with a balanced portfolio of commercial and not-for-profit governance positions.

(Photo by John McDermott; taken from OrphEus – a dance opera)