Rona Ngahuia Osborne

Rona Ngahuia Osborne grew up in the Far North of Aotearoa. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the Elam School of Fine Arts and exhibits regularly in both group and solo shows. Her work primarily references cultural and historical themes in Aotearoa, combining strong Māori imagery with colonial symbols. Her work spans a range of mediums, including costume, paint, photography and audio-visual installation. Rona is also well known for her textile work under the moniker Native Agent. Rona designed and made the costumes and makeup for ‘Flintlock Musket’ directed by Rachel House, and more recently working on a number of projects with dancer Louise Potiki Bryant. Rona incorporates strong costuming and art direction into her own artwork.

Rona collaborates with her long-time partner Dan Mace to create immersive AV installations bringing together Costume, Art direction, sound design and digital processing. In 2016 Rona and Dan were invited to exhibit their work Wairua at the imagineNATIVE film+media arts festival in Toronto, Canada.

(Photo by John McDermott; taken from Matariki for Tamariki)