Ren Slatter

Ren grew up in Fiji and was initially introduced to the performing arts through music. A vocalist for the Pasifika Voices ensemble under the tutelage of Moana choral composer and Lord of the Rings choir conductor Igelese Ete. In 2013, Ren performed with Pasifika Voices in the Epeli Hau’ofa Dance Festival and later in the production Moana: The Rising of the Seas which went on to tour Europe. She spent the next year traveling the Pacific as a performer and vocal instructor, during which Ren became well-versed in the rich diversity of contemporary Pacific performance. This led to her transition into dance with the Oceania Dance Theatre at the University of the South Pacific under the guidance of choreographers such as Allan Alo.

Ren spent two years as a resident artist of the Oceania Centre for Arts, Culture and Pacific Studies before joining Moana Loa Fiji, a Fiji-based dance and theatre company. In 2016, Ren was the lead actress and vocalist in Rebirth, a regional collaboration between Moana Loa Fiji and the Solomon Islands. The following year, she performed with The Conch and award-winning director Nina Nawalowalo in the Stages of Change project with the University of the South Pacific. Ren continued her work with The Conch into 2018, when she worked as a seen/unseen performer on the Naked Samoans Do Magic show for the Auckland Arts Festival 2018.

(Photo by Caroline Bindon & Caroline Power Photography; taken and created for This Fragile Planet)