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Emerging/Mid-Level Choreographers is a new initiative by The New Zealand Dance Company that aims to support the development and growth of the New Zealand Dance Industry by providing a development platform for talented, up and coming choreographers.

NZDC’s mission is to provide a creative environment that can challenge and grow the New Zealand dance culture. In alignment with this vision, the Emerging/Mid-Level Choreographers programme contribute to the next generation of New Zealand dance professionals by offering them a truly unique opportunity to cultivate and further their craft.

The programme grants a wide net of support for the participants, beginning with a week-long intensive choreographic incubator and daily technique classes with Claire O’Neil (highly experienced movement specialist, choreographer, performer and educator) and the NZDC resident dancers.

Following the choreography incubator, the artists will receive a three-week development period, in which they will have access to NZDC company classes, rehearsal time with the NZDC professional dancers, and studio space at Wellesley Studios. In addition, they will also gain mentoring, support and guidance from Artistic Director, Shona McCullagh and from Artistic Executive, Caroline Bindon, as well as producing and production management.

As a highlight of this journey, works created during the development period that meet performance standards are included to premiere in the NZDC Tāmaki Tour, where the works are be presented to a wide audience across secondary schools in Auckland.

See Tāmaki Tour for more information on the works our emerging/mid-level choreographers have developed over the years.

Sean MacDonald – Matariki for Tamariki
Sean MacDonald – Kaleidoscope
Chrissy Kokiri – Blue Ink
Taniora Motutere – Save Mart
Lucy Marinkovich – Awesome Robot
Xin Ji – Game of Go
Tupua Tigafua – Good to be Alive, Tupua's Solos
Ashleigh Perriot – The Adventures of Xin
Bianca Hyslop – A Murmuration
Scott Ewen – Shadow Orbit
Omea Gaery – Tracked
Joshua Ceasan – Influence of Chainge
Tupua Tigafua – Tupua's Solo