Chrissy Kokiri

Chrissy’s interest in contemporary dance began in her final year of high school dance. From there she studied full-time at Unitec, completing her final year of the Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts degree in 2013. In 2014 Chrissy seconded with NZDC and went on to perform in the premiere season of Rotunda in Auckland, going on to tour with the company to the Holland Dance Festival followed by the Language of Living New Zealand tour. Over two years Chrissy also worked with Okareka Dance Company, developing the work Mana Wahine and then going on to tour the work around New Zealand in 2014.

Chrissy has been performing exclusively with The New Zealand Dance Company for the last five years in premieres and tours of: Rotunda as a part of an Australasian Tour; Lumina in its premiere season and on tours around New Zealand and Europe; The Absurdity of Humanity in its premiere season and tour across New Zealand; Trolleys in its premiere; Kiss The Sky in its premiere; and finally as Eurydice in the premiere of Michael Parmenter’s OrphEus – a dance opera. 2019 is Chrissy’s sixth year with NZDC and has seen her tour New Zealand in Kiss The Sky and most recently Matariki for Tamariki.

(Photo by John McDermott; taken from If Never Was Now as part of Kiss The Sky programme)