Chris Mills

Christopher Mills (Chris) grew up on the Kapiti Coast of Aotearoa, dancing at his local studio the Judith Fuge Dance School.

Chasing the love of movement he’d cultivated in his hometown, he then completed four years of training at the renowned New Zealand School of Dance. He worked with and learned from many influential tutors such as Paula Steeds-Huston, Helen Winchester, Jarek Cemerek and Victoria (Tor) Colombus.

Chris was then invited to join the Australian Dance Theatre from 2017 to 2021, under the artistic directorship of Garry Stewart. He worked with talented choreographers like Adrianne Semmens, Ina Christel Johannessen, Alison Currie, Philippe Kratz, Lina Limosani, Julia Robert & Rudi Cole and Garry Stewart.

Upon returning to Aotearoa in 2022, Chris did a brief stint with The New Zealand Dance Company under choreographer Sean MacDonald.

Chris then joined Sydney Dance Company for the remainder of the year working with choreographers Rafael Bonachela, Stephanie lake, Charmene Yap and Sophia Ndaba.

Chris has also had the privilege of teaching at the New Zealand School of Dance, which allows him to share the human experience and love of dance with others. Chris ‘expresses gratitude to the community of talented performers, teachers and family who have supported and built him up as be the artist he is today.’